How Do We Make Commission Payments

AffRunner pays weekly or bi-weekly for two different periods. At the beginning of our partnership, we must have reached the first payment rule. Five sales with two different payment methods must have purchased, and the minimum profit of $100 has to achieve. After you have reached the first payment, you will have the opportunity to set your pay period and minimum payment threshold amount.

1. Payment Methods

PayPal - You can set up your PayPal email, and you will get paid via PayPal.
Direct Deposit – We transfer your cash directly to your bank account. You need to provide us your bank account details.
Wire Transfer – Wire transfer option is available for countries not served by international direct deposit.

You can change your preferred payment method at any time. Changing your payment method will take up to a week to get paid with the new payment method. We will use as payee name the name from your account settings.

2. Payment Amounts

Your earnings as a vendor or as an affiliate are credited to your account. Refunds, chargebacks, and chargeback fees are debited from your account.
If your earnings reached the payment threshold, you are paid the full amount, minus the following:
A $2.50 processing charge.
We retain a return allowance for refunds. We keep 10% of the amount you get paid. You will receive the held amount back after six pay periods.

3. Payment Threshold

The "Payment Threshold" is the minimum amount. You need to reach the minimum amount to get paid. You can change the minimum amount after you get the first payment after the first payment rule. The default setting is $100. We hold your cash until your balance reaches the minimum amount.
Payments are made weekly or bi-weekly. As a new addition, we have the requirements that at least five different customers have shopped, and the profit should have reached the minimum amount of $100. Until the conditions are met, you will be paid bi-weekly with a minimum benefit of $100 is achieved.

4. TAX Forms

We send 1099 forms to US-based affiliates who generate more than $600 in commissions. There are some instances when 1099 is not assigned to an affiliate based in the US.

We sent 1099 forms in January.

Affiliates they live in the US and earn more than $600 a year, must provide a Taxpayer ID. This can be your social security number, or a government-issued Employer Identification Number (EIN). See the IRS website to obtain a free EIN.

Your taxpayer ID number must match the payee name on your account. If you are utilizing a business payee name but reporting under an individual social security number, you will need to provide us completed IRS W-9 form.

If you are utilizing a U.S. address but are a beneficial resident of a foreign country, you will instead need to provide a completed IRS W-8ben form.

5. Any Question about Payments?

If you have any question about payments, you can contact us here.