Monetize your traffic. Display ads on your website or share your affiliate link and earn performance fee for driving conversions Top payouts, Prompt payments and an industry leading tracking platform.

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Gain access to active publishers who can take your offer to new heights. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most powerful and effective tools available to an online Vendor. Do not lose any sale, because of tracking systems that track through the thankyou page script.

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The AffRunner Team had more than 10+ years experience in the Affiliate Marketing industry. We did implement the most critical features in our system to get the best conversion rate and get rid of human tasks after successful purchase.

Start making money now!

There is no charge to join our Affiliate Program. We pay commissions for all sales you referred. Earn up to 95% commissions

Our Pay Periods

We make our payouts weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. You can set your preferred minimum payout amount. The standard minimum payout amount is $100.

Return Allowance

We retain a return allowance for refunds. We keep 10% of the amount you get paid. You will receive the held amount back after six pay periods.

Powerful Tools for Vendors

We have built-in features for Vendors sales funnels. That means that Vendors can optimize their sale funnel and get higher conversion rates. That means you will make more money.


No Lost Sales!

There is no need to worry about lost sales. Platforms that used the sales tracking script on the thank you page is always the danger that tracking system sometimes cannot track the transaction. These must be generated either manually or with other formulas in the tracking system. With AffRunner you are on the safe side.

Cart Abandonment

We sent to all of our customers after 15 minutes they leave the cart without paying. Ask them if they had an issue on our checkout page. This feature will increase your conversion rate up to %5-10.

Upsell Sales

A built-in feature. By adding the product, you can add Upsell URLs. When the customer makes the first payment, and an Upsell URL is setup. The customer will redirect to the Upsell page. When forwarding, the customer sees a message "Please wait; the Vendor had a special offer for you! Redirecting"


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